Xylosandrus discolor


Beaver, Kajimura and Goto 2008: This is a polyphagous ambrosia beetle boring in twigs and shoots. Primary attacks on apparently healthy hosts can occur and it is an occasional pest of coffee. Browne, 1961: This species is rare in Malaya where it has only been reported from a cut Swietenia macrophylla. It is a borer of twigs and shoots. The nest comprises a short entrance tunnel and one or more longitudinal tunnels in which the young brood lives and which is typically densely lined with white mycelium. Hulcr and Cognato, 2012: Very short entrance tunnel leading into cavity of variable shape. This habit shared with related Cnestus, but not with Hadrodemius or Anisandrus, both of which create only tunnels. Twig borer, rare in New Guinea. Beaver and Liu, 2010: The biology is described by Browne (1961), Kalshoven (1959). Le Pelley (1968) notes that it attacks green, living branches of coffee in Sri Lanka, but it is not considered an important pest.

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