Ambrosiodmus lewisi


Browne, 1961: The true lewisi is found in Japan, Korea and Formosa, but is also represented in Malaya by a variety to which no separate name has yet been given. The Malayan form, which is a shot hole borer of moderate size and which differs from the Japanese form by having markedly smaller tubercles on the declivity of the elytra, is by no means abundant and infestation of host trees is usually light. Rabaglia et al.2006: The only report of this Asian species in North America is by Hoebeke (1991) in southeastern Pennsylvania. It can be distinguished from other members of the genus in North America by the irregularly biseriate interstrial punctures on the elytral disc. The size is similar to A. tachygraphus, but the tubercules on the declivity are more uniform in size.

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