Anisandrus sayi


Wood, 1982: Small and low hanging unthrifty or injured limbs and boles are selected for attack. The female constructs a short radial entrance tunnel from which two transverse egg galleries branch about 1-3 cm below the surface of the wood. In smaller material the tunnel may spiral rather than follow a transverse pattern. Short branch tunnels may extend from the main gallery; at times longitudinal branches may again branch on a transverse plane into two galleries resembling the original pair. At times this species has been an important pest in fruit orchards. This is the only species of Scolytidae know to have a true diapause. Rabaglia et al. 2006: This small, stout species is similar to the native A. obesus, and the exotic A. dispar, but it can be distinguished from them based on characters on the declivity (from obesus) and the anterior of the pronotum (from dispar).

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