Reimbursement for contributions

It is only fair that those who wish to participate in creating modern taxonomic information resources also receive at least a minor financial reward. Taxonomic information is valuable!

NOTE: This offer end on December 30, 2012!


  •       I will pay 50 US cents for each entry per category per species. For example, one sentence in Biology and three sentences in Diagnostic Description, both for one species, will be 2 x 50c = 1USD.
  •       I will pay 2US$ for each image.
  •       That means, if a colleague contributes substantial text to 100 species and images to 100 species, he or she will get 250 USD.

2) RECORD KEEPING: I will not be able to track your additions on the website. It is thus critical that you keep records of all your contributions!

  •       For text: Please keep an Excel spreadsheet where each line will have a record of i) species, ii) date, and iii) the actual text you added on the website. Each combination of species and category will be a separate record. For example, one sentence in Biology and three sentences in Diagnostic Description, both for one species, will be 2 separate records.
  •       For images: Please keep an Excel spreadsheet where each line will be i) species, ii) date, and iii) file name. (Each image record on a separate line)
  •       When you feel that you are ready to get reimbursed, send me these Excel files, I will check them for correctness, and will send you the reimbursement. The latest day to do this is December 30, 2012.

3) Which information WILL be reimbursed:

  •        Personal observations or information taken from literature, anything that is specific and informative about each particular species or genus. Please always provide the original citation if your information is from the literature.

4) Which information will NOT be reimbursed:

  •       Information that is true for a broader group should not be repeated in individual taxa. For exmaple I can't really pay for entries such as "This Xylosandrus has mesothoracic mycangia..." repeated in each Xylosandrus.  
  •       NO REPEATS of previous entries please: Adding more information to a species that already has comments or images is welcome, but please no repeats! Information that somebody else already provided will not be reimbursed. This means that the faster you upload your information, the higher the chance that you will be the one reimbursed. For example, my student already recorded lots of information from the literature, so please don't duplicate this.

5)  If you choose to send a batch of material directly to me for submission (such as a bunch of notes or a folder of images), I will happily submit it for you, but that can’t be paid for (part of the payment is for your work on the actual website development)

6) Please let me know if you are planning to upload MANY text or image entires! I need to prevent running out of funding just because of one bulk update...

7) Updates to the Map will not be reimbursed.

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