Welcome to Xyleborini Ambrosia Beetles

This site is devoted to assembling the Xyleborini Biology Database. Xyleborini are the world's most common and ecologically successful ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae). All ~1200 species of Xyleborini are ambrosia beetles, which means fungus farmers, and all are haplo-diploid and inbred (sisters mate with brothers).

We are the global community of researchers on scolytine taxonomy, ecology, and biogeography. We are building this information resource as a response to the recent surge of global interest in ambrosia beetles. In the past decades, human commerce and shipping aided the spread of many ambrosia beetle species to new regions, which caused some of the worst invasions, forest health issues, and tree diseases of our time. We hope that by sharing the information on the diversity and ecology of ambrosia beetles, we will not only help the global audience understand what these beetles are and where they are coming from, but also show that the vast majority of them are not pests; they are a mysterious form of life that is worth being studied and admired.

If you would like to join our effort and contribute information or images of Xyleborini, please send an email to the administrator: hulcr@ufl.edu.

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